Skin- and eco-friendly lingerie materials


The Öko-Tex Standard 100 Certificate indicates the tested non-toxicity. All the materials we use meet the requirements of the standard and are safe to use on the skin. Also suitable for people with nickel allergy.


Using recycled materials instead of virgin materials saves water, energy and chemicals. In addition of that, material that otherwise becomes waste can be saved and reused. From Lovanna's selection you can find the following recycled materials: recycled polyamides Q-Nova and Reco-Nylon. Recycled elastane Roica Eco Smart.


Cotton is soft and very breathable fiber. In lingerie it's commonly used on the crotch to avoid extra irritation to the intimate area.

However there's some ethical and ecological problems with cotton production. Insecticides and pesticides used in cultivation cause for example health problems for farmers, pollute air and water, damage soil and reduce biodiversity.

There are some alternatives for regular cotton. With Organic cotton production the problems of toxic chemicals are avoided. However the production consumes a lot of water.

From Lovanna's selection you can find GOTS certified organic cotton.

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