For us it's important to have our products made with non-toxic materials.
We have demanded from our materials safety in accordance with the Öko-Tex Standard 100. That means our materials must not contain harmful amounts of chemicals.
We also think that comfort and good fit are important. We design our products to feel soft and to be supportive. There's also some rarer sizes to make finding a good fit possible for more. We recommend using our size chart to choose a best possible size.


We want to keep our environmental impact as low as possible so we attach special attention to the materials we use.   All our lingerie are manufactured in Europe using either recycled, cellulose or organic fibers. Shipping packages of our online store are recyclable and shipments in Finland are carbon neutral.


We believe that lingerie, no matter the size or purpose, should be made to look beautiful. Rare size doesn't have to mean black or beige everyday bra and  everyday bra doesn't have to mean dull appearance.
To make our lingerie look beautiful for many people we aren't defined only one skin tone for our target group. For example the linings in our lingerie are designed to match with garments instead of predefined skin tone.